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Give Back

Anna & Jack’s Treehouse, with locations in New Rochelle, Pelham and Norwalk, is dedicated to giving back to the communities that support our small business. Anna and Jack’s Giving Tree is always looking for local causes to support. Want to hear more? Get in touch.

It doesn’t matter what divides us today. No matter what your belief system tells you, there is only one indisputable truth. The children are our future and what we show them today, shapes the future for the world.” – Christina Rubicco, Founder









Healthy Food
Healthy Food

We support businesses and charities that are actively helping to provide nutritional meals to families in need.


We educate future leaders by partnering with organizations that provide educational enrichment to our children.


All children deserve the chance to grow up healthy and happy. We fight to end diseases that affect children.

Pure Water
Pure Water

Clean water for drinking and bathing should not be a luxury. Help us to bring clean water to children in need.

Love & Care
Love & Care

Learning to love and care for our neighbors and friends means supporting the causes that are important to them.

Travel Activities
Local Causes

We travel to support causes that we believe in. When our team shows up, work gets done for the greater good.

Plant seeds. Grow trees.

The Giving Tree Team

To understand the Treehouse philosophy, learn about our founders Christina Rubicco and Robert Rubicco. When Christina opened the first Anna & Jack’s Treehouse location in New Rochelle, it became clear to both her and Robert that a secondary mission of giving back to the community needed to be established.

10 years and three Anna & Jack’s Treehouse locations later, Christina and Rob Rubicco continue to make meaningful impacts in the local communities of New Rochelle, Pelham and Norwalk.

Christina Rubicco finished a master's degree in Literacy in Education at Iona College. She worked as a kindergarten teacher for almost 10 years. Committed to providing premium daycares in Norwalk, CT, and surrounding cities, she established Anna and Jack’s Treehouse with her husband. A 40 Under 40 and Women of Excellence award winner, she has made our children’s daycare fun and learning-focused.
Christina Rubicco


Christina Rubicco is the founder of Anna & Jack’s Giving Tree and is the co-founder of Anna & Jack’s Treehouse Daycare facilities, located in New York and Connecticut.

Christina dreamed of becoming a teacher, a mom and opening her own daycare; then she did it.

Christina’s philanthropic vision is making the local area where an Anna & Jack’s Treehouse grows, better through community service.

Learn More About Christina Rubicco

Rob Rubicco is the co-founder of Anna and Jack's Treehouse Early Learning Centers. The Treehouse has daycare locations in New Rochelle, Pelham, and Norwalk.
Rob Rubicco


Rob Rubicco is the co-founder of Anna and Jack’s Treehouse Early Learning Centers.

Rob is active in the local communities near each Treehouse location. He is always looking for partnerships with other local businesses to build a better future and community.

AJ’s Treehouse has daycare locations in New Rochelle, Pelham, and Norwalk.

Read more about Rob Rubicco.

Anna & Jack’s Giving Tree Philosophy

Children First

At every Anna and Jack’s Treehouse location, we have the unique privilege to learn from children who share the purest, most innocent experiences filled with life, love and laughter.

With a children-first approach to our philanthropic initiatives, Anna & Jack’s Giving Tree is dedicated to supporting causes that give children of today, the best possible tomorrow.

Educational Experiences

At Anna & Jack’s Treehouse, we teach philanthropy to our students through active educational experiences that give back to our communities.

We teach our children the basic principles of supporting the community. By working with our local communities to showcase how a student’s individual effort makes a difference, we see results.